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Spirit Of Hope Home Page

Defining The Goals

Project Goal

Show how Spirit of Hope helps the community and provide an easy way for supporters to donate.

User Goals

Understand what Spirit of Hope does and help support them by donating items, money or time.

Business Goals

Build a strong foundation to grow from as the organization expands.



Who Is Spirit Of Hope?

Spirit of Hope is a local 501 c3 nonprofit which has been providing housing for housing insecure people in the Carson community since 2010. Spirit of Hope is the only agency providing these unique services which are critical to the Carson City community.

Tools Used

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Adobe XD



Wix Builder


Learn and Analyse

User Assessment

After speaking to users who frequently visit nonprofit websites we discovered that they either visited the site to learn about the organization or donate. With this knowledge, we were able to efficiently build a design where both of these items were front and center.


Competitor Analysis

We analyzed the market and other non-profits to see what the common trends and functionality were. This helped us understand what path forward we needed to take with the design.

Design & Improve

Low Fidelity Wireframing

Starting off with a low-fidelity sketch of the indented product helps provide a good starting point for our team and our customer.


Mid to High Fidelity Wireframing

After using the low-fidelity designs to determine our path forward, we start to develop mid to high-fidelity designs to accurately represent what the experience and customer journey will be.



The wireframing phase of our projects is the most important part. This is where build, rebuild, collect feedback and rebuild again all to make the design perfect. From our research and initial findings, we have determined several goals for the wireframe.




Create an easy to navigate design with clear call to actions.



Provide a method for visitors to easily donate their time, items or money.



Consistently display what Spirit of Hope does and how they are important to their community.

Home – 1
About – 1
Blog – 1
Donate – 1
FAQ – 1



What Was Done?

This new design is the first step into something larger and now that Spirit of Hope has a strong foundation under them, they can start planning for the future. Spirit of Hope has a platform that supports donations, making announcements, and showing their team and what they do.

Donation Prompts

Donations are the lifeblood of a nonprofit. With this in mind, there are buttons and sections strategically placed throughout the site to enable easy access for their site visitors.

Relocation Information Page
Spirit Of Hope About Page

About Page

This page is important because not only does it explain what Spirt of Hope does but who makes up the organization. This page allows site visitors to see the faces behind the organization making efforts to help their community.

Contact Page

In their previous design, there was no contact method presented on their site. This can make it difficult for people to ask questions, and donate items or their time. Now they have a proper contact page with multiple ways for their visitors and potential supports to reach out. 

Spirit Of Hope Contact Page



What was the final result?

After publishing the new design, their site visitor increased by 30%+ in the first week! As Spirit of Hope continues to grow, we will be there to support them with their marketing efforts, website updates, and more. 

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