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Our Story

SugarFree Designs was founded in 2015 by Cody Stevens. Before SugarFree Designs, he was just like you; hiring people to create amazing things for him.

One day he paid someone for a logo and that logo was never delivered.  After that experience, he decided no more and he was going to learn how to do this himself. He took graphic design classes and started doing small projects for his friends. As the years passed and Cody developed his professional career in the IT space, the company’s focus changed to not only bringing people’s logo ideas to life with graphic design, but their web development dreams as well.

Values We Live By

Our core values define the very essence of who we are and what we stand for. These four distinctive values serve as the foundation of our culture, impacting everything we do – from the people we hire to the actions we take. They are an integral part of our identity and will remain unchanged as we evolve and expand.

Don’t #@!% the customer

Design with passion and precision

Open company, no bullshit

Continuous Improvement

Our Vision

To empower businesses of every size to reach their full potential through strategic support and guidance.

Our Mission

We are committed to delivering tailored solutions and expert guidance that empowers our clients to grow, innovate and succeed in an ever-changing business landscape.

How We Work

Learn how we’ll work with you on bringing your ideas to life with our graphic design, web development, and SEO services.


Everything starts with a conversation

We’ll chat, ask questions, discuss your ideas and vision. We’ll estimate how long your project will take and organize a file for your project.

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Planning & analysis stage

In order to fully understand your requirements, we need to take a deep dive and discuss your needs. This way we will be able to better understand the full scope of your project.

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Design Stage

We take all the planning that we have done and put it into practice. During this step, we will find out what works and what doesn’t, putting together the pieces of your project.



This is where we reflect on what doesn’t work and either change or remove it. Precision is key in this step of the process.



Your dream is now a reality. The project is fully completed and you have received the final product!


Questions we frequently get

Our Team

Detail oriented and dedicated to you, meet the people bringing your ideas to life at our internet marketing agency.

Cody Stevens

Cody Stevens

Founder & CEO

Cody Stevens is an experienced Web and Graphic Designer. Cody has been in the IT Industry for 8+ years and has a passion for creating the perfect project for you.

Kristjanna Stevens

Kristjanna Stevens

Chief Operations Officer

Kristjanna is results-oriented and loves working with people to develop the right solution. She loves all animals, outdoor adventures, and travel.

Jenee Williams

Jenee Williams

Web UI/UX Designer

Jenee is a photographer turned UX/UI Designer. She has a deep love for creating, collaborating, & learning in order to create meaningful products that bring people together.

Melissa McDermott

Melissa McDermott

Web Developer

I’m a designer and developer from New Jersey. I love anything to do with animals, nature and small businesses.

Evan Reeves

Evan Reeves

Marketing Coordinator

I have experience in digital marketing and ad creation. I help businesses create and run marketing strategies, ads, and social media campaigns.

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