Kidz Party Zone Website Design and Development

Party Equipment Rental and Setup




6 Weeks

Team Size


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Defining The Goals

Project Goal

Provide customers with an easy way to view their different equipment offerings and the ability to book them for their parties.

User Goals

View the different party equipment and rent their package.

Business Goals

Rebrand and relaunch the business with new owners, a new website, and a new image.



Who Is Kidz Party Zone?

Kidz Party Zone is run by Jeff and Kirsten. Their daughter was too little and too scared to get in the big jumping castle and ended up being bored because she was too young to play with the older kids. Fast forward to 2022, they now own and operate Kidz Party Zone!

Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop CC icon.svg
Slack Logo
Jira Software Logo
Wix logo

Adobe XD



Wix Builder


Learn and Analyse

User Assessment

Understanding what customers in the industry want to see when looking at different package options was important for us to determine how we will present information to them. 


Competitor Analysis

Analyzing the market to see what other party companies are doing, what customers in their industry expect, and how we can deliver an improved yet easy-to-use experience.

Design & Improve

Low Fidelity Wireframing

Starting off with a low-fidelity sketch of the indented product helps provide a good starting point for our team and our customer.


Mid to High Fidelity Wireframing

After using the low-fidelity designs to determine our path forward, we start to develop mid to high-fidelity designs to accurately represent what the experience and customer journey will be.



The wireframing phase of our projects is the most important part. This is where build, rebuild, collect feedback and rebuild again all to make the design perfect. From our research and initial findings, we have determined several goals for the wireframe.




Create an easy to navigate design with clear call to actions.



Build information pages to explain party packages are available.



Provide an easy way for customers to inquire about renting.



Show off past parties and equipment throughout the site.

KidzPartyZoneWF Home
KidzPartyZoneWF Tot Zones
KidzPartyZoneWF About
KidzPartyZoneWF Add Ons
KidzPartyZoneWF Water



What Was Done?

We took an in-depth look at the competitors in their area and noticed that they were all missing one key element, Fun vibrant colors and icons. All of their competitors had mostly plain white backgrounds and simple layout designs.

We wanted Kidz Party Zone to pop and we did this with a few different elements such as icons, colors, animations, and pictures. We took normally long or boring information and presented it in an easy to digest manner with a fun party design while still maintaining a clean and modern element.

Home Page

The home page is one of the most important pages on a website. We used this page as the main springboard for their customers to quickly view information on their services and ways to book with strong call to action buttons.

Relocation Information Page
Product Page

Service Pages

For each “zone” or service they offered, we created specialized pages for them that followed a consistent template. This provided customers with a familiar design and an easy way to view information.

Add Ons

With a service like this, add-ons help improve the party but also the profit for Kidz Party Zone. We knew we had a large list of add ons and we needed to display it in a unique way compared to the rest of the site. 

Each tile provides a simple yet effective description with the price and a way to book a party. This layout is easy to scroll, read and gain the valuable information you came for quickly. 

Relocation Information Page
KidzPartyZone Booking Form scaled

Booking Form

This form is key to how Kidz Party Zone rents out their equipment. Customers will fill out all the required information to get their event started.



What was the final result?

After nearly 2 months of work Kidz Party Zone had a brand new look that set them up for success. 

They immediately received positive feedback from their existing customers and with their new booking form being front and center, bookings and inquiries are easier than before. 

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