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10 Weeks

Team Size


Beach Side QiGong Home Page

Defining The Goals

Project Goal

Create an easy way for customers to view upcoming events, purchase tickets and courses.

User Goals

Learn more about Qigong & Tai Chi, attend in person and online events.

Business Goals

Grow their online presence and increase the number of active subscriptions.



Who Is Beachside Qigong & Tai Chi?

Beachside Qigong & Tai Chi is passionately run by Lea Williamson, ShiFu (expert) of qigong and board certified tai chi instructor. 

Having used the healing power of chi arts to transform her own health and life, it’s her goal to share tai chi and qigong with as many people as possible.

Tools Used

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Adobe XD



Wix Builder


Learn and Analyse

User Assessment

Understanding what type of people were looking for Qigong & Tai Chi and what information they needed to make a purchasing decision was vital to how we developed the design.


Competitor Analysis

Analyzing the market to see what functionality other similar businesses were using  told us what potential customers might expect and how we could deliver an improved web design and user experience.

Design & Improve

Low Fidelity Wireframing

Starting off with a low-fidelity sketch of the indented product helps provide a good starting point for our team and our customer.


Mid to High Fidelity Wireframing

After using the low-fidelity designs to determine our path forward, we start to develop mid to high-fidelity designs to accurately represent what the experience and customer journey will be.



The wireframing phase of our projects is the most important part. This is where build, rebuild, collect feedback and rebuild again all to make the design perfect. From our research and initial findings, we have determined several goals for the wireframe.


Create an easy to navigate design with clear call to actions.
Build information pages to explain what QiGong & Tai Chi is.
Provide course booking directly on the website.
Create a unique design that stands out while also being recognizable.
Provided a way to use a mixture of videos and images that help guide the customer.
Use unique assets that cant simply be downloaded from a website.
Wireframe image of Beachside Qigong & Tai Chi Home Page
Wireframe image of Beachside Qigong & Tai Chi Online Course Page
Beachside Memeber scaled
Wireframe image of Beachside Qigong & Tai Chi About Page
Wireframe image of Beachside Qigong & Tai Chi Contact Us Page



What Was Done?

Beach Side QiGong & Tai Chi’s online course and event website was designed and built using Editor X. The website offers a wide range of Qigong & Tai Chi online courses. In addition, the website features an online and in-person event platform, making it easy for individuals to attend and participate in various events. To provide customers with the best experience possible, the website also includes a subscription platform using Wix Payment Plans. This allows customers to subscribe and gain full access to online courses and/or in-person events. Thanks to the flexibility and ease of use provided by Wix’s Editor X, the Beach Side QiGong & Tai Chi website is fully responsive, informative, accessible and fast.

Home Page

The home page is meant to accomplish two things. Firstly, to build trust with the visitor by showing presenting them with a video from Lia describing the company and its values.

Its second goal is to guide the visitor to either the online course pages or event pages. Vistors are immediately presented with these options and buttons are placed throughout the page leading to those pages.

Beach Side QiGong Home Page
Beach Side QiGong Home Page

About Page

The about page also serves multiple purposes. Historically these pages will tell visitors about the company, its team members and other information. In this case, while we do provide a section describing the company and Lia, we are also providing a way for visitors to learn what QiGong & Tai Chi are with small text descriptions and videos.

Online Courses

The online courses page provides visitors with a way to view the different courses and categories that are offered. You can click into these courses to learn more information like length, price, etc.

Beach Side QiGong Home Page
Beach Side QiGong Home Page

Events Page

The events page shows upcoming events to visitors. There are two different ways to find events. Visitors are first shown events in a list view that shows upcoming events. Below that is a calendar view that they can use to find more events in a specific month.

Each method allows the visitor to learn more about the event and register for it.

Become A Member Page

This page has one goal, convert visitors into subscribers. Following the theme of the other pages we present information in multiple ways with small text sections describing what they get and videos. This allows visitors to learn in the way they prefer.

Beach Side QiGong Home Page



What was the final result?

The decision to use Wix’s Editor X to build the Beach Side QiGong & Tai Chi website has been a great success. The website’s user interaction has increased significantly since the new design was published, which is a clear indication of its user-friendliness and the appeal of the online courses and events offered. Furthermore, the website has made managing subscribers, online courses and events easier for both the business and its customers. Overall, the Beach Side QiGong & Tai Chi website has proved to be a valuable tool for individuals interested in learning about Qigong & Tai Chi and has made it easier for the business to reach its target audience.

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