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Citation Building

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Rich Media Citations

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What are Local Business Listings?

Our local business listings are designed to be comprehensive and effective SEO solutions, allowing you to focus on what makes your business thrive.

Our decisions are data backed, paying specific attention to metrics based on every related top ranking local page. We focus on strategies that directly impact the ranking of your business favorably against competitors.

  • Data Backed means the information is based on countless hours of testing and many campaigns.
  • Custom Campaigns provide specific and unique solutions for each customer based on niche, location, etc. (No 2 campaigns are the same)
  • Transparent Reporting assures you understand how the money is being spent and the specific benefits it provides to your business.
  • Everything built belongs to the business. 
  • Our audit helps you understand what may be needed to maximize the relevance of your website in searches.
  • Our citation usage helps your business to remain up to date with the current best practices for search engines.
  • We have a dynamic local ranking method.
  • This service is perfect to utilize alongside other link building methods.

Full Citation Audit

An important consideration for every local SEO campaign is how to maintain a consistent approach, which is why we like to start every campaign with an audit of all business listings.

This step helps ensure that you have an advantage against competitors that are not optimizing their ranking through consistent practices.

We test all of our campaigns with the highest emphasis  being placed on the use of clear and consistent citations. This means we handle clearing up unhelpful duplicates or any possible incorrect inputs.

The audit results are then available in a full report that outlines how to continue the best practices for future citations.

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Local Citations Building

Local directory citations are another fundamental component for local SEO success.

Using our understanding of current best practices we manually submit your entries, this guarantees that you are appearing at the top of relevant directories in your area.

We understand that every client has needs that are unique to their industry and location. This means that we have developed the following approach to properly capture those needs and create customized solutions.

Focus 1:  Use the highest authority directories, track the density and popularity of traffic.

Focus 2: Use specified keywords to locate the most popular industry and location based citations, and find out what is trending most effectively.

Focus 3: Use tools to scrape the review directories of competitors and compare the results against trusted directories in Google.

Next, we claim all relevant directories and provide guidance in a report to customers on how to continue checking and claiming these directories.

We coordinate with clients before we input citations, and schedule outreach to collaborate throughout the process. 

Rich Media Citations

In order to stand out from other directory submissions we like to take the approach of making ours stand out from the crowd. This means using pictures and videos that are geotagged, and including citations that include rich media that consumers want to engage with.


We pride ourselves on the ability to help you create video content that is easy for your audience to digest. Everything that you have come to expect in a professional video is provided for you. All of your content is included with necessary transitions, music, pictures, and text. This includes geotags which helps your content to stand out in your region. After editing is finished your video is entered through the most popular hosting sites. This process will give your videos higher authority, popular links, and relevant citations. 


We take branded images that are provided by clients and begin optimizing those images for relevant search results. We continue to focus on geographic metadata to enhance the search results based on your location. We conclude this process by submitting your images to popular image hosting sites to increase the high authority, and build relevant links and citations for your website.

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Social Citations

The importance that social media plays in business increases every year. With SugarFree Designs your business remains on the cutting edge of current trends by submitting your relevant content to popular social media platforms.

This service includes assisting customers through the process of establishing relevant social citations. Our team is dedicated to walking business owners through our process so that they feel confident adding more content to social media, and building a well rounded citation profile.

Business Listings Audit

Our complete citation audit includes NAP Variations check, existing correct citations, incorrect citations, and aggregator citations.


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