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When creating a digital marketing experience through a website it is important to keep in mind the first thing someone sees after they encounter content that leads them to your page. This is referred to as a “Landing Page” and we must consider what makes that experience ideal for the people interacting with your website. The first thing that someone sees when they are interacting with your site will ultimately leave an impression on the viewer.

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The Purpose of a Landing Page

The cycle of inbound marketing requires the creation of content that provides information and value for consumers. This process involves targeting a segment of the market with content that is suited to specific uses or interests within that segment and involves a desired call to action. 
A call to action is the desired outcome for any person that is being directed to view your landing page and converting them into a customer. A popular example of a call to action is capturing the information that individuals provide you for subscribing to a blog or newsletter. This information can be included to provide valuable insight in the outbound sales and marketing campaigns to better target potential leads with similar interests to your current subscribers. 

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Creating an Effective Landing Page

What an effective landing page looks like will change based on the desired outcome for the marketing campaign. Taking the time to understand how you want your customer to respond will ultimately help you shape the process that best helps you accomplish success in converting curious page visitors into happy customers. If your goal is to educate consumers about what you are offering or have them subscribe to continue to view your content more frequently, the design of the landing page should be guiding users to easily enable your call to action.

Optimize Your Current Tools

Digital marketing comprises close to half of all spending for marketing campaigns occurring in the world today. This means that using marketing strategies that can strengthen tools that you are already using creates an even higher degree of benefit to your campaign. Targeting ads online through social media can be used in tandem with specified landing pages that help capture your audience and provide relevant information that makes sense based on their needs through search requests.

SugarFree Designs Takes the Guesswork Out of Success

The marketing cycle has many components that can easily start to seem overwhelming if it’s something that you haven’t had the chance to research extensively or dive head first into tinkering with different strategies. Thankfully, SugarFree Designs is here to help guide you through the process. This includes walking you through what makes a landing page successful and helping you understand what lets customers connect with you more easily. Call or email us and learn more about what we can do for you!

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