What are Advanced Search Operators?

They are helpful tools that allow users to get more specific in the information they are searching for. It helps create filters that narrow the final search results and leaves the user with the most relevant data based on their needs. As a general user, this can be incredibly helpful when looking for specific information on a topic that generates too many unrelated results.


Advanced Search Operators tend to be most helpful when utilized for businesses purposes. They can identify duplicated content, find pages with specific keywords, find direct competition to a business, and learn how Google categorizes a specific website. These operators can be used in the general search bar on Google and using an operator when searching looks like this;



Make sure spaces are not included when using an Advanced Search Operator.

What are Some Popular Examples?

1. Find Similar Sites

Keeping the theme from earlier, let’s assume you are looking to research competitors for a specific business. Finding related websites with this search operator is a breeze. The results that will generate on Google will be relevant websites that are directly related to the original search.



Google Related Search

2. Search Content on a Specific Site

This operator is used to limit your searching to a specific site without generating results from other pages. Applications for this can typically include finding contact or specified information from a site.



This next operator will bring up results from the website you choose that contains any keywords that you specify. This is extremely useful when considering SEO rankings because using it can help you add internal links that will enable you to drive more traffic directly to your site. 

If your business offers ten different services and you have separate pages for them, you can search using the operator site:yourwebsite.com/services and only seven are generating on the search, you can begin to understand why the indexing is not correct for the remaining three services on Google search results.



3. Find Exact Matches

Using quotation marks for whatever you are searching for specifically will generate results that are identical to the word or phrase that is input in quotations. Term specific searches can allow you to better compare identical items on many different sites, which is excellent for price comparison of goods, services, or available opportunities.


“[search item]”

Specific Keyword Search

4. View Cached Versions of a Website

When a website is down, it can be frustrating to have to wait for the page data to reload. If you need some information while a site is down, using this Operator will allow you to see the latest cached version. It is important to note that sites will look different when they are cached, oftentimes much less of the graphic designs are present in this state. The Wayback Machine website is popular online tool that archives cached versions of websites.



5. Search Keywords Present in Page Text

Using this operator allows you to generate results of pages that contain your keywords and phrases anywhere in the content. This can be helpful if you are a business looking to find out which pages contain information about the pricing of a competitor’s goods or services. An example of this could be “site:www.sugarfreedesigns.com intext:web design” this will generate the pages of that site that contain the keyword web design. This is a great tool when you need to refine a search based on specific words and phrases.



Google Intext Search 1

These are only a few of the many Advanced Search Operators available on Google. All these tools are great for not only enhancing your SEO rankings but the ease that real people interact with your website and business. Sugarfree Designs can help you optimize your digital marketing strategy and clarify any questions you may have. Reach out to us for more information.

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